Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ava goes to school

I was perusing a website I frequent ( on the message boards the other day and saw someone post about taking their little one to Gymboree for a 45 minute class and how much they enjoyed it. It got me thinking and soon I was in-motion with my research and seeking out skills. I set up a demo/free class at a Gymboree near us for this past Monday afternoon.

Let's just say that it went so well that we are now signed up to go twice per week. She LOVED it. All the vibrant colors, the singing and interaction and the mobility encouragement really had her active, alert and smiling. (And standing, bouncing, screeching, laughing, raspberrying, etc.) Our teacher was really great too and the environment was perfect, not overwhelming. I'm learning certain little things that indicate her development and also things to do with her at home to work on her motor skills, dexterity & strength. She's doing unreal so far. Daddy will get to come to school with us on July 15th and see first hand what an honor student his daughter is.

Little chicky is eating very, very well. She gets fruit cereal in the morning along with her bottle, a vegetable at lunch with a bottle, and a fruit & banana oatmeal at dinner with her bottle. She also loves to watch the cartoons on Noggin and when she hears certain characters or songs she likes and recognizes she makes short grunts/groans to tell us she likes it. She is also in love with the pool/jacuzzi control panel on the wall, the alarm panels and the a/c thermostat. I try to take her swimming every day since she loves that too. She can kick her feet when I ask her too and "swim" toward a target on the side of the pool. Next up we will work on blowing bubbles.

We hope everyone is doing great, and we send our best!!

Kris, Bobby & Baby Ava

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